Gili Malinsky was born just north of Tel Aviv a million years ago.

Her family trekked (flew) to the US of A when she was eight, and she spent the rest of her childhood growing up just west of Boston. She then attended Boston University, where she got her degree in journalism and where she and her roommate co-founded the school’s unofficial feminist magazine, Hoochie Woman Magazine.

Post college Gili volunteered with kids back in her homeland. She then decided she’d enlist in the Israel Defense Forces, during which time her side hustle was teaching Arab kids of Israel English. She soon started covering Israeli filmmakers, dancers and musicians for The Jerusalem Post, getting released from the military in August of 2011 and promptly moving to New York. She’s since written for The New York Times, MTV News, NBC News, VICE, Refinery29 and many others. She’s also completed her first book, written and produced a play, and written your favorite billboard on the High Line. She’s currently a reporter at CNBC and Acorns’ partnership site, Grow, and is rewriting her play.

Gili is an Aquarius, thank you for asking.